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Global Switchgear provides a broad range of onsite testing services undertaken by engineers with specialist experience in the set up and performance of the tests. Our expert engineers can carry out load bank testing, Ductor testing (contact resistance testing at 10 amps to 200 amps), primary current injection up to 2,000 amps, secondary current injection up to 200 amps and IR tests by use of a Megger (Typical type used is BM 11D output 500 to 5000V).

Our engineers are experienced in conducting HV pressure tests on switchgear up to 33 kV working voltage. Global Switchgear can also carry out CT ratio tests including magnetisation curve and knee point volts as well as operational and functional tests.

The testing can be arranged to be done at the most convenient time for you to minimise disruption of your power supply.

We offer a high quality testing service and an indication of that is that our test and commissioning engineers carry out on site tests to the satisfaction of District Network Operator (DNO) engineers who witness the work.