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Carr Farm is the first in a series of farm based AD plants in the UK (AD is Anaerobic Digestion Technology the site will use up to 17,000 tonnes a year of agricultural crops & biomass a year).

The biomass created is used to fuel a combined heat & power unit to produce electricity which is then exported to the national grid. The site will produce 1 MW of power to provide power to around 1,000 homes.

Scope of Work

Precommissioning tests on Schneider Electric Ringmaster MU 2 type ref RN 2c – T2 / 21 prior to the system going live.

The required tests include the following:

HV IR tests at 5 kV / 16 kV / 5 kV

Primary injection on the protection & metering CTs.

Secondary injection tests on the Schneider Electric VIP 300 O/C & E/F protection relay.

Work completed in Nov 2010 and documented to our clients wishes and satisfaction.